The region of Kangra stretches out from the Jalandhar Doab far into the southern scopes of the Himalaya. It is a town at the juncture of the Bener River and Majhi River, and Beas is a significant waterway here.Tea development was brought into Kangra valley around 1850. The Palampur reasonable, built up by government with the end goal of cultivating business with focal Asia, pulls in a little concourse of Yarkandi dealers. The Lahulis carry on a venturesome exchange with Ladakh and nations past the wilderness, by methods for pack sheep and goats. Rice, tea, potatoes, flavors, fleece and nectar are the main fares.

Numerous hisorical temples uch as Jawalaji, Chamunda Devi sanctuary, Baba Baroh and Baijnath sanctuary are found here.

Gopalpur Nature Park in Gopalpur town has tea gardens. Gopalpur nature park is shut on Mondays. Mcleodganj close Dharamshala is the home in a state of banishment to the Dalai Lama. "Bhagsunag temple" is there. The cricket ground of Dharamshala is likewise a fascination in view of its area and quality pitch.