“KHAJJIAR” THE MINI SWITZERLAND- before & after COVID-19 lockdown-

Khajjiar frequently named as “The mini Switzerland of India”. It is situated somewhere outside of chamba city but nearly Dalhousi and mainly preferable to visit when someone visit Chamba. The road Distance between Chandigarh to Khajjiar is approximately 334 Kms. The nearest airport is Gaggle airport which is approximately 124 kms away from Khajjiar and rail connectivity is also too far away from this charming location, it is about 116 kms away from Pathankot railway station.

 It is about 26 kms from the charming Dalhousie place, Alongside the extravagant green slopes, profound valleys, charming snow mountains, thick timberlands and delightful slope stations. Khajiar is one of the basic spot, which is likewise popular for the wonderful and quiet condition among explorers. A most significant aspect regarding Khajjiar is this contains right around three environments lake, greenery field to walk and covered with thick forest of trees.

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